groundUp is here to provide a team of well rounded professionals to assist you with an array of  business needs. It takes a lot to start a business and we understand that first hand. Branding and building a business is what we do, at all stages!


Having a team you can trust allows for growth in ways that are versatile and unique. Our team is comprised of qualified designers and photographers. groundUp turning your visions into a visuals.

Business Plan


I highly recommend the Canva course I learned some great tips and I learned how to make myself professional styled content!

Scheduled a consulting session with groundUp and it helped my business and mindset tremendously. 

The website course was a great investment and addition to my skill set.

 I hired groundUp to manage my Social media. Best thing I ever did, so much stress was taken off of me.  

If you are wanting to expand your mindset and get a big picture of your business groundUp’s consulting is what really helped me get on the right track

Groundup helped me turn my business around customer service was great 

Shared Desk


An array of services for all of your service needs